Along with writing books, I am also a software, mobile, and web developer.

Here are some of my public works.

Please note this is not a complete list of my works, as a lot of them are proprietary to different companies.

This is a simple HTML/CSS and Javascript website that will let the user know if a company is an MLM or not. The website has some code that checks the “similarity” to MLM company names to determine if the company is an MLM or not.

In the future, it will be connected to a database and the user can read more information about each company

Languages used: HTML/CSS, JavaScript

This website is a complex website written in HTML/C SS, Javascript, and Java. This was a project for the nonprofit Aging Ahead, which is a nonprofit that does a LOT for Senior Citizens. For this project, it was for their “Make Your Meal Count” program, where they provided government-funded meals to their clients.

Along with a website, backend reporting applications (Written in C#) and client-facing mobile applications (Written in Swift and Java) were built.

Languages used: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, C#, Swift, Java (Mobile and Web), Node.JS Call/Sales Tracking system

This is an incomplete Java Application that will let independent agents track calls, track sales, and run reports on their entries.

Languages used: Java

This is a website made for a local businessman for his real estate business.

Along with this website, I was tasked to make changes to another one of his websites,

Languages used: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, WordPress