Ian Schrauth

Author, Entreprenuer, Creator.



SLMPD Series, #1

Publisher: Pocket reads

Faithful: Vol. 2

The Vacillation Saga: Faith, #2

Publisher: HeartStone Virtual Solutions, LLC



Publisher: Pocket Reads

Tracee my Steps


Publisher: Pocket Reads

The Bestsellers

The Opportunity

The Opportuntiy hit the bestsellers list in 2021 at spot number 14, and was a #3 Amazon hot new release! It came back up to the list at spot number 73 in 2023!

The American Way: The Good, the bad, and the lies I’ve learned from being an Amway IBO

From it’s release in 2019, to it’s 2023 edition, The American Way has hit the bestseller list multiple times. Peaking at spot #7!