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Trace My Steps

Brie Lake, a woman shrouded in mystery, has spent a lifetime trapped within the confines of the enigmatic Mental Health Facility at Mearsea Hospital. She has never seen the light of day, until she gives birth to her baby boy, Jax, and is released.

Jax soon learns of his mother’s pending passing and rushes to her bedside. Little does he know that her final words will unleash a haunting quest for the truth.

Will tracing Brie’s footsteps lead Jax to the liberating truth he seeks, or will he uncover sinister forces that seek to keep the secrets buried forever?

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About Ian

Bestselling author Ian Schrauth was born in St. Louis, Missouri on March 19, 1997. He is currently attending Rio Salado Community College, where he is working towards his degree in Computer Science, and is a former Software Developer for one of the largest internet companies in the United States. He is also the author of 15+ other books.

Ian currently lives in Mehlville, Missouri.

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